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Grand Design – Flooring Store in Jackson

Grand Design prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service and having a team of knowledgeable experts. From the moment customers walk through the door, they are greeted with friendly and attentive staff members who are ready to assist with any flooring needs.

We take pride in everything we do.

We’re not just trying to gain clients we’re trying to gain friends.

The team at Grand Design possesses extensive product knowledge and is always up to date with the latest trends and innovations in the flooring industry. They take time to understand each customers’ unique requirements and provide personalized recommendations to ensure satisfaction.

They take time to understand each customer unique requirements and provide personalized recommendations to ensure satisfaction. Whether it’s offering guidance on the best flooring options for specific spaces or providing expert installation advice, Grand Design goes above and beyond to ensure a smooth and successful flooring experience. With their commitment to customer service and expertise, customers can trust that they are in capable hands at Grand Design.

Knowledgeable experts in flooring products

Your one stop shop for all your flooring needs.

Our Clients’ Testimonials

“We had a great experience with Tony Lomax and Grand Design. He helped us greatly in finding matching wood for our old hardwood floor when we decided to add more hardwood flooring. He went out of his way to find wood that matched our existing hardwood floor and finally located matching flooring. They also did a good job of installing the flooring. Grand Design seems to be service oriented and they were very accommodating to us.”

Wade W

“Great business!! Not only is the owner a man of his word and keeps his promises, but he is outgoing, understanding and just an all around great guy!! He is a great example of a business that looks after his customers and employees. If you are looking for quality and have found it!! Thank you Grand Design!! Definitely going to suggest you to anyone that asks!!”

Matt H

“Tony Lomax is by far the best flooring company out there. He has years of experience in the field. Very professional and committed to providing the best quality, and service out there!! Would and do recommend him to everyone!”

Rachel C